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Yoga for Women's Wellness

The workshop will offer a new understanding and a deep appreciation of “Healing power of Yoga” as therapy for balancing hormones, relieving unwanted symptoms arising from hormonal imbalance as well as to keep all the glands functioning well for overall health.

As a countdown to International women day, Ministry of AYUSH and Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN), have planned several activities across the Country. In Chennai, YogaVanam will be conducting one -day Workshop on Yoga for Women, focusing primarily on Insomnia, Emotional Health Boost, Menopause-Related issues, Back pain, Thyroid related problems and breath free

Yoga for Women’s Wellness

This workshop was all about Yoga for Women’s health and Vital Energy. It included:

Understanding of Hormones

Insights on female hormones and a basic understanding of their role in woman’s positive health

Understanding on Comman Health Issues

Detailed explanation of some of the common Gynaec. health issues faced by women today.

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Understanding of Stress

Deep understanding of Stress in eastern and Western perspective and how it causes health issues for women

Self Love

Learning to connect inwardly to the realm of spirit, to nourish ourselves so that we can nourish others.

From our Last Year Workshop

Facilitators: Vijay Rampal & Nithya Narrayanan
Several women participated and throughly found the workshop informative and were astounded to see the benefits off yoga on several hormonal health issues of women. They were having doubts on hormonal health issues and the therapist Vijay and Nithya answered the medical perspective as well as the yogic perspective. We recieved feedback that a few practical sessions concerning only on "Yoga for Women" with asanas, kriyas, stretches with full explanation could be done as a follow up for better understanded of yoga as well as to motivate them.



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