The Yoga Shalai

YogaVanam offers some of the best yoga classes, artfully delivered, in a caring, welcoming community for Yogic growth and wellness.

Life at YogaVanam

The plan of our Shalai is always the same, lots and lots of practice, sharing knowledge, giving motivation, and sharing love.

3:30 AM IST

Teacher Training

Dedicated to the education of yoga practitioners with 6 levels of yoga practices

5:00 AM IST

Primary Series B

Suitable for Advance Yoga Practitioner, Barathanatiyam Dancers, Kalari Pratitioners...

6:00 / 11:00/ 16:30/ 18:45 IST

Beginners-Primary A 

Suitable for beginners and Primary A Series Pratitioners

7:15 AM IST

Beginners Yoga Classes

The optimizes flow of asana serves as a preventive or supportive medicine for 99% common disorder

7:15 AM IST

Happily Elderly

Chair Yoga is an excellent way for older adults to loosen and stretch painful muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation.

17:30 PM IST

Kids Yoga

Yoga, Games, stories and activities oh my! Kids get a fun and meaningful yoga Practice every day


The Programs are built upon a strong foundation of trust between the teachers and students.
Prior to acceptance into the program, an interview is required of each student. This gives us a chance to speak, share personal experiences, ask and answer questions, and set clear expectations of each other. Please  WhatsApp +91 8220999920 to schedule an interview prior to your first practice.

Students enrolling in any program are expected to practice at the Shala a minimum of five times per week, except weekend batches are expected to practice a minimum twice a week. If you cannot commit to this level of participation, you may be dismissed from the program. If there are special reasons or extenuating circumstances for your inability to attend the minimum required practice, please discuss it with us in advance.

Payments can be left in the “DropBox” in the Shalai or paid online via UPI Via
Google Pay to +91 8220999920 or
Net transfer.
Account Holder: VIJAY RAMPAL S
Account Number: 50100102543352
IFSC: HDFC0001989
Each member of the YogaVanam community is entrusted to manage their own account and pay Shala fees as they become due at the beginning of each month, without notice or supervision by us. This allows us to focus our time and energy on you and your practice rather than devoting excessive resources to administration.

Rs 3000 per month for general Practice and Rs 1500 per month for Kids Practice. For yearly, half yearly payments and family practice offer kindly click here.

All practice starts with the Level 0 ie, Foundation First Sequence, followed by Primary 1, 2, after Primary Series is the Intermediate Series 1 and 2 and finally Advanced Series.
As students advance forward Intensity of practice grows thereby learning grows exponentially not only in asanas but in all spears of Yogic Learnings. Only the Teacher decides when to advance the practice. 

We are so happy to see so many students on the mat. Thank you for joining us for our classes.Every student is unique, we Respect that, but no VIP Treatment. We are here for you.

The plan of our Shalai is always the same, lots and lots of practice, sharing knowledge, giving motivation, and sharing love.

If you have any question you can always contact us on: [email protected] or WhatsApp Us on +91 82209 99920

We have more nice surprises for you. Some great teachers will visit our Shalai to led special classes for our great Yoga community. 

Keep Moving,

Celebrate Life the yogic Way,

With Love,


Anna Nagar

8/9, Ground Floor, 6th Street, B Sector, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600101. (Park Road)

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ECR and Dubai


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(91) 82209 99920
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