Beginners - Primary A Series

The optimizes flow of asana designed to create balance between strength and flexibility and to improve the breathing efficiency

The optimizes flow of asana serves as a preventive or supportive medicine for 99% common disorder

Foundation First Serquence
Monday Practice

A flow of asana designed to shape you up... shredding weight, Focusing on core strengthening, leg toning, building up strong shoulders, shaping up the hip...

Yoga Sculpt
Tuesday Practice

A sequence of asanas increasing mobility and range of movement, building flexibility in the body, loosening tight muscles and realigning, The idea is to detoxify the body and nervous system through opening and creating new neural pathways. 

Be Open
Wednesday Practice

The idea is to create more space for the prana to do it's magic through introducing 15 Variations of surya namaskaram which activates all breathing muscles

15 Variations of Surya Namaskaram
Thursday Practice

a mindful minimalist flow of asana to restore, realign and energize, creating deep calm both on mind and body

Restorative Yoga
Friday Practice

The idea is to learn how to "grow wholesome" on a "holistic path". with a perfect bled of pranayamam and Vinyasa asana flow

Wholistic Yoga
Saturday Practice

The Practice Involves unstoppable vinyasa flow, creating a symphony of the anatomic body movements and the pranic body movements

Keep Moving
Saturday Practice

Take Away

Introduction to Yogavanam foundation first series 

Variations of Surya namaskaram, Beginners level

Methods to Realign and make a better you!

Methods to activate major breathing muscles

Methods to prevent 99% common disorders

Methods to support the healing of 99% common disorder

Introduction to restorative yoga flow

Introduction to movement therapy

Methods to relax, restore and reenergize body-mind

Methods to improve functional movements

Methods to rest in love with yourself (Mind, body, and soul)

Methods to create inner peace for sound sleep

Introduction to somatics and isometric exercise

Yoga Nidra


The Programs are built upon a strong foundation of trust between the teachers and students.
Prior to acceptance into the program, an interview is required of each student. This gives us a chance to speak, share personal experiences, ask and answer questions, and set clear expectations of each other. Please  WhatsApp +91 8220999920 to schedule an interview prior to your first practice.

Students enrolled in the program are expected to practice at the Shala a minimum of five times per week. If you cannot commit to this level of participation, you may be dismissed from the program. If there are special reasons or extenuating circumstances for your inability to attend the minimum required practice, please discuss it with us in advance.

Payments can be left in the “DropBox” in the Shalai or paid online via UPI Via
Google Pay to +91 8220999920 or
Net transfer.
Account Holder: VIJAY RAMPAL S
Account Number: 50100102543352
IFSC: HDFC0001989
Each member of the YogaVanam community is entrusted to manage their own account and pay Shala fees as they become due at the beginning of each month, without notice or supervision by us. This allows us to focus our time and energy on you and your practice rather than devoting excessive resources to administration.

Rs 3000 per month for general Practice. For yearly, half yearly payments and family practice offer kindly click here.

Morning 6:00 AM IST and 11:00 AM IST
Evening 4:30 PM IST and 6:45 PM IST

Anna Nagar

8/9, Ground Floor, 6th Street, B Sector, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600101. (Park Road)

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ECR and Dubai


i[email protected]
(91) 82209 99920
(91) 98407 03732

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