Terms of Use 

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Last updated on 09/03/2020

The following terms and conditions are entered into by and between YOGAVANAM and You (hereinafter: “the Member”).

The member must read the Terms & Conditions carefully and sign-off in agreement with the same.


YOGAVANAMS is dedicated to promote the study and practice of Atanga Yoga, is a sole proprietorship owned by Vijay Rampal, and therefore all the invoices and other official communication to our members will be done under Vijay Rampal S


The membership entitles the usage of YOGAVANAM facilities and the equipment & services available therein.

The membership gives access to the YOGAVANAM studio allotted to the members, except if specified otherwise.


Membership entitles the member to a specific number of yoga sessions based on the membership package purchased. These sessions must be consumed during the term of the Membership.

By enrolling with us members agree to share their contact number and email id to receive communication from YOGAVANAM in the form of SMS, WhatsApp messages, Newsletters and Phone calls.

The Yoga sessions can be availed only by the member paying the fees. Transfer of membership can be approved only for select cases (medical emergency/ accidents).

Membership fee once paid cannot be cancelled or refunded.

The expiry date of any membership is always the last day and last session of the membership period.

Membership fees must be paid in advance. The membership commences when YOGAVANAM has received the membership fee from the member.

Though all reasonable care will be taken by the Teachers, YOGAVANAM is not liable for any injuries/damages that might occur during the Yoga Session.

Any workshops conducted by YOGAVANAM during the terms of the membership will be paid workshops and will be optional for the member.


The member need not have any prior experience of yoga.

There is no age limit to join the Yoga sessions.

S/he must take the responsibility for their decision to join Yoga considering their previous health ailments/ chronic disorders etc., if any.

However, the member must be responsible enough to attend the sessions regularly and to abide by the Terms & Conditions.


The number of sessions in a week is scheduled on the basis of the package purchased by the member.

The maximum duration of each session will be 60 minutes.

YOGAVANAM has the sole discretion of allocating Teacher for the sessions. Personal preference for Teacher(s) communicated or expressed by any member will not be considered at any point for change in allocation of Teacher(s).

The Member will strictly follow all instructions issued by the Teacher during the Yoga Session.


The Yoga studio and related facilities will be used for training purposes only.

YOGAVANAM does not take responsibility for loss or theft of any personal belongings of members.


The member must respect the behavioural and operating principles and follow them on all occasions. This includes, but is not limited to:

Wearing appropriate and clean clothes & shoes.

Bring a yoga mat for the session.

Leaving props intact after usage.

Behaving in a friendly and respectful manner towards the other members as well as the YOGAVANAM staff.

Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or any other addictive materials is not allowed.

Consumption of foods/ beverages inside the Yoga studio is not allowed.

The Teacher’s at YogaVanam are very committed and caring towards improving the students yoga practice, and their time is very valuable, so when communicating beyond practice session should be at the highest importance. Members can send messages to the Teacher, however, response to the messages will be at the discretion of the Teacher.

Inappropriate or abusive communication to the Teacher in any form (verbal, SMS, mail or WhatsApp) will not be tolerated. Any such communication when brought to the notice of YOGAVANAM management, who then can decide upon termination of membership with immediate effect and the liability of further legal actions.


Studios open at specified time-slot, except on full moon and New moon days, public holidays or Government declared holidays.

Members need to attend the Yoga sessions at the specified time-slot, except founding members ( The first 108 members).

YOGAVANAM’s staff are authorised communicate to members for getting feedbacks on their therapy/ practice, and in case there is/are any changes in the schedule or cancellation of session due to unavoidable circumstances and therapy/ practice feedbacks.


YOGAVANAM yoga studios maintain access control for the members.

We respect your privacy, the membership registration form collected are maintained with highest secrecy, at no time the information are shared.


The membership can be terminated at YOGAVANAM management’s discretion, in case any violation of code of conduct occurs.


It is possible to freeze the membership for:

Medical reasons, upon presentation of a medical certificate, or

Military service, upon presentation of the official call to duty.

For pregnancy, the membership freezing period can be 9 months..

The membership can be put on hold for period approved by YOGAVANAM’s management, after which the membership is automatically reactivated.

To know more, the member needs to approach the studio manager.


A member may choose to request for a transfer to a studio at a different location. S/he might have to pay a membership transfer fee.

To know more, the member needs to approach the studio manager.


YOGAVANAM may decide to post member photographs that are taken inside the studio (e.g. group photos) on social media.

However, if a member has any objection for posting his/ her photograph, s/he needs to inform YOGAVANAM representative at the studio. Necessary actions will be taken to remove the photograph.


All requests from members related to yoga sessions will be evaluated and decision on the requests will be taken by YOGAVANAM’s authorised personnel.

Terms, Conditions, and Fees are subject to change at sole discretion of YOGAVANAM.

All disputes are subject to Chennai jurisdiction only.

I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions mentioned above and I agree with the same.

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