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Celebrate Life the Yogic Way

We at YogaVanam celebrate life, we age less, we weigh less, we love more, we live long and we laugh more as we are in harmony with mind and body.

Story of YogaVanam

I know people are going to ask me a lot of questions about why I started YogaVanam. Why didn’t I just stop loving yoga, with yoga practice, teaching yoga, radiating the science of yoga... And to be honest I still do ask myself that sometimes…but not too often.

So why did I create YogaVanam? Well, my students wanted me to share the Yogic science as it is. People wanted me to spread the influence of yoga towards enhancing clarity in the minds of humans. My friends of yoga: Yogis and Yoginis wanted me to create a Blissful ambiance facilitating Yogic Learning.

The result is YogaVanam, and this is what we believe: YogaVanam is a name that we felt most resonated the beauty of our existence. We wanted a name that expressed the abundance of Nature (Vanam a Tamil word for forest) because when we think of our studio, we think of the people and relationships fruitfully enjoying yoga as it is untamed.

We work to spread the light of yoga since 2012. Our practitioners are well experienced specialized yoga trainers. 

Life @ YogaVanam

YogaVanam offers some of the best yoga classes, artfully delivered, in a caring, welcoming community for Yogic growth and wellness. 

Ashtanga Yoga

Sequence of synchoronous breathing and flow of body nourishing strength, flexibility and endurance.

Vinyasa Yoga/Power Yoga

Burn more calories in a lesser amount of time, working with every angle of your legs, butt, arms, shoulders, and core creating a well-toned body full of energy.

Vijay Rampal

Hatha Yoga

Meditative alignment of mind and body through harmonious breathing incubates the growth of yogic science.

Therapeutic Yoga

Specialized solutions for Back Pain, Obesity, Pregnancy Yoga, Depression and Anxiety, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.


Hours of Practice this Year

Each sessions envelops carefully crafted Asanas, Asana flow, Pranayama and Meditation creating an ambience to enjoy the bliss life offers. 


Asanas every sessions

Expand and entend from the core of your being, in every pose there is a repose, always be happy with the smallest improvements and do Asana from the soul.


Weekend courses this year

Custom-made course designed for the busy bees, encapsulating the vibrant flavours of Yoga.


Infinite Possibilites and Celebrations

Life is all about abundance and Infinite possibilities. Yoga make us super strong & create space to accept the endless favours of life.


Traditional Yoga is learnt through a concept of parampara - which means, direct & experiential knowledge passed in succession from teacher to student. 


The Adiyogi

The ādiyogi, the enlightened, went into a state of thandavam/ the cosmic dance. The cosmic dance led to a meditative state called Samadhi. Seven sages who were witnessing this wanted to learn the supreme science of yoga, they started offering unlimited Sādhanā to the ādiguru, and then the ādiguru decided to teach yoga/ the supreme science. From then the light of yoga started enlightening the human race.



Thirumoolar one of the disciples of Siva, through his meditation for 3000 years wrote Thirumanthiram, A prime epic provides the road map to yogic science.


Yoga Sūtras

Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali are 196 Indian sutras that constitute the foundational text of Ashtanga Yoga.


Hatha Yoga Padipaga

Hatha Yoga Padipaga is a yoga manual and it is one among the most influential surviving texts on the hatha yoga.

Yogi S.A.R Sundaravel

Yogi & Tamil Scholar

Leader without a title, a mentor who guides us from heaven, a yogi whose understanding extends beyond the dimensions of human intentions and a courageous father who introduced yoga to us.

Yogavachariyar K.VK Sivaswami

Founder, Gnanodhaya

Yogavachariyar K. VK. Siva Swamy is the founder of Gnanodhaya, yoga and natural research foundation, Trichy. Live inspiration of yoga teaching.

A.RS Vijay Rampal

Founder, YogaVanam

Dancing with siva, and playing with krishna,a humble practitioner of yoga and loves to share his findings.



8/9, Ground Floor, 6th Street, B Sector,  Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600101. (Park Road)

Anna Nagar

8/9, Ground Floor, 6th Street, B Sector, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600101. (Park Road)

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